One Room Challenge Kitchen Remodel Week 8-The Final Reveal!

I can’t believe its finally done! I don’t know about any of you, but when we start a house project in the moment it feels like it will never end. I’m so happy with how our kitchen turned out and I can’t stop looking at it. It is so much brighter and looks bigger even though we didn’t change the footprint at all. In case you forgot, this is what the kitchen used to look like…..


The old kitchen was perfectly fine, it was just dark and not my style. It’s weird to say it felt dark because most of the cabinets are white, but the backsplash and the stained pantry had more of an impact on the space than I thought! So with out further ado…..the after!

Kitchen Reveal The After

Thank you all so much for following along while we completed this project. I thoroughly enjoy taking you guys along on all of my home improvement journeys. Also a huge thanks to the One Room Challenge crew and Better Homes and Gardens for allowing me to be a guest. Click on the link below to check out all of the amazing transformations from the featured designers as well as my fellow guest hosts!

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