One Room Challenge Kitchen Remodel Week 7- It’s all in the Details

It’s the final week of the one room challenge and I just finished all of the caulking, grouting and painting! This isn’t the most exciting step to share about although very transformative. Below are several before and afters to show just how important this step is to making the space look finished and polished.

I shared my favorite products and the tools I used in last weeks post (click here to read week 5/6). We ended up going with the mapei warm gray premixed grout for the tile. We prefer to use premixed grout because it’s easy and consistent. I don’t have to worry if I have the proper ratio or mixed it well enough.

As for painting the pantry, I did take a piece of our cabinet into Sherwin Williams to get color matched and they got it perfect! When we initially painted the shiplap, the white dove we used came out slightly creamier than the white dove on our cabinets. They are different mediums and different suppliers mixed them so I expected it to be a little off. Since the cabinets but up to the pantry it was very noticeable and the shiplap looked dingy and yellow. Now that we got the color matched it looks like an extension of the cabinetry and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Although the paint will dry to the touch in an hour, it will take about 7 days to fully cure. We are waiting for the paint to cure before attaching the pantry doors just to be safe.

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