One Room Challenge Spring 2020-Week 1

Hi Friends! As many of you know, especially if you have found me via instagram, I have wanted to update my kitchen for quite some time! I thought it would be so much fun to do it with the other guest participants of the One Room Challenge (ORC). We are constantly doing things around the house so this is a fun way for me to document it and take you all along on the journey.

The Kitchen Before

So I want to start by saying there is nothing “wrong” with our current kitchen technically but it just isn’t our style anymore, although I don’t know if it ever really was. I wasn’t in love with the hardware and they would be nearly impossible to change do to the custom and various sizes of them. I have secretly hated the backsplash since we had it installed. As I have learned over time and through my own design mistakes, finishes look different in various spaces, and this looked so much different in the showroom (you can’t tell in the pictures but they have a strong green hue in person). I also wanted to do something a bit different with our hidden pantry and have been dreaming of open shelving around the vent hood. I love the look of cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling and I was wanting to find a way to add to them.

Initially we thought we could just do a little update and remove a couple cabinets and add open shelves. Then take the remaining uppers to the ceiling by building them up and adding a chunkier crown. I felt so guilty ripping out the backsplash but if we were removing uppers and doing open shelves I wanted the tile to go up to the ceiling so replacing it just made sense at this point! My brother owns a cabinet shop so of course he was my go to person to bounce off my ideas. Here are some photos of my current kitchen.

Current Kitchen (the before)
Current Kitchen (the before)

Benjamin Moore White Dove is one of my favorite whites and is the color of all of the white cabinets and trim in my home so I plan to keep that white. Currently the island is the same dark stain as the corner pantry and I have been toying with the idea of changing those up. Below is my design board to help me visualize the space and put it all together.

I will be back next week to give more details on the entire plan! In the mean time go check out the other ORC guest participants!

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