Mother’s Day Gift Guide

L.L Bean Moccasins

These house slippers are so comfortable and cozy, they are a definite must have. I have had mine for almost 2 years now, I wear them every day and they are still like new. They have a sheerling lining that helps to wick moisture away from your feet so they never feel sweaty or smell and neither do the moccasins. They are a little on the pricier side but they will last you for years. I would rather pay a little more for a nicer pair that doesn’t fall apart or get stinky, rather than have to replace them often.

Apple Air Pods

I. Love. My. Air. Pods. I use these babies daily. I love not having a cord and they fit so nicely in my ears ( I have pretty small ears) . I also like that the case recharges them and it does it quickly. So if you have been using them for hours and are on the go you can just pop them in the case (as long as the case is charged) and charge them right up. I often just wear one at a time too, so if one dies I can just swap them out. The sound quality is really good and I can set them to perform specific functions with a finger tap. Another splurge but so worth it if you use earbuds often.

Airpod case

If you know someone who already has Airpods a cute case would be a fun little gift! I have this case myself from Rifle Paper Co. and they also have other cute patterns. Amazon has many to choose from as well!

Amazon (set of 2)
Rifle paper co.

Loopy case

I love this case! Its so comfortable and I feel secure when I’m holding my giant phone. I had a pop socket for a while and was never comfortable with it. The loop on these cases is in just the right spot and is soft, flexible and adjustable. They have many colors and versions to choose from too.

I phone loopy case

Initial/Name Necklace

Shopping small is a must for me and this Etsy shop is one of my favorites. She is quick and has great customer service. I don’t wear much jewelry but I wear this necklace every day. I have both my kids names on mine but you could just do initials if you prefer. You are also able to pick the finish and font. She will even send you a mock up of the names you want with different fonts so you can visualize it better. I have gifted these to several friends and my mom (with all 4 of her grandchildrens names). I love that it was handmade and has held up well over the last 2 years.

Etsy shop: CaitlynMinimalist

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Ok now I know this may seem like an odd gift to give a mom because it involves cleaning but hear me out. Some of us like to get gifts like this because they make our lives easier! This is actually one of my favorite items for the home. We have mostly hardwoods and this is such a lifesaver. I don’t know why, but having to unravel and wrangle a cord on a bulky vacuum drives me nuts. I love that I can just grab this and turn it on with the push of a button without having to plug it in! They make several different models so pick the one that suits you. I have the most basic model and it works great for us!

Essential Oils

Obviously I have to include oils in my list too! What mom doesn’t want her house to smell nice as well as pamper herself with amazing oils for skin support, wellness and so much more! Click here to get started. Click here to read my post about essential oils.

Rollers for Essential oils

This is a perfect gift for the oil loving mama. I love these rollers from Whimsy and Wellness! They are so cute and great quality. You can even choose between a glass roller or a gemstone roller top.


Plants are one of my favorite things to give and receive! Philodendrons and Snake plants are a couple of my favorites that are beautiful and easy to care for especially for beginners. I have had great luck getting plants on Amazon or The Sill, if you are looking online. You can always see if your local nursery will do curbside pickup too!

Smeg Coffee Maker

So this is the only item on my list that I don’t own myself. Maybe this is my way of hinting at what I want for Mothers Day. We have a coffee maker and it works perfectly fine but this one is nice to look at. I hate having small appliances out so we don’t keep any appliances on our counters except for our coffee maker. Now that we just renovated our kitchen I think one of these would look really nice perched on my counter top! I’m obsessed with the retro look of this little guy and he’s on sale!

Hopefully you found my list helpful in giving you some fun gift ideas for the moms in your life!

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