Fiona Turned 3!

This year for my daughters 3rd birthday I decided to do a Halloween theme/costume party.  Her Birthday is at the end of October so it only seemed fitting!  

I found these adorable customizable invitations on Etsy and had them printed at my local office supply store.  Everyone invited was encouraged to dress up, even the adults.  

Here we are as the Addams family.  Fiona totally played up her role as Wednesday and I just couldn’t get over how much Mason looked like baby Pubert!
Brandons head in a jar
I baked the keto snickerdoodle sandwich cookies as well as the sugar cookies.  My sister in law is so talented and amazing at decorating baked goods
Her cake and cupcakes were from Hy-vee bakery
mummy pretzel sticks and ghost suckers
gloves filled with candy, stickers and bubbles for all of the kiddos
Newland girls
my brother and his adorable family- Peter pan, Tink and the Lost Boys
my brother and sister in law aka crazy cat lady, animal control and her cat.
baby Pubert 
Her Wednesday “impression” was on point

I just love halloween and all things spooky! I had such a fun time putting this party together and even more fun celebrating our amazing little girl with our friends and family.  I’m going to keep planning my kids’ parties until they stop letting me.

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