Building Our First Home pt 1

After graduating Pharmacy school and getting married, we knew we wanted a house of our own.  We discussed whether we should buy an existing home or build one and eventually decided building was the smartest option for us since my father is a builder.  It just made sense! So then began our journey to find the perfect piece of land.  Several factors came into play when picking where we wanted to live. Schools for our future children, proximity to family, our jobs, as well as amenities. Southeast Lincoln won us over.  Now we had to find a lot on the south side, which was much harder than we imagined! Many of the ones for sale required us to use the builder that owned it. This wasn’t going to work for us since we already had one.  We also wanted a lot that would allow for a walkout basement, so had to find one with just the right slope.  After months of disappointment, we finally found this gem!  This beautiful walkout lot that was backed up to a pond!!!

Next step was to meet with an architect to plan out our perfect home! We looked through several books and websites filled with floor plans.  Some of our must haves included: an open floor plan California style ranch ( master on one side, other rooms on the other side), at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the main level, large kitchen with island and pantry, large master bath with walk in shower and double sinks, walk in closets, designated first floor laundry, and a 3 stall garage.  We sat down with the architect and explained what we were envisioning and he made it come to life.  Linked below are the preliminary drawings of what we came up with.  Some of the details listed are different than what we ended up doing, mainly the kitchen.  Here it was a little closed off for my taste and without an island.  I knew I wanted an open kitchen with a large island that we could all gather around.  One of the perks of knowing the builder; making changes without the cost of change orders.

Newland Floor Plan.pdf

Newland Basement Plan.pdf

Once we had our blue prints in hand our builder began setting up all of the subcontractors to get the home building process started! I got to make the first dig.


My dad spray painted this shovel gold for me. He knows me so well.  We were so excited for this next journey in creating our home.







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